Look what I gots!!

Hey Friends.  It’s Cocoa Bean.  Mommy says I can do my review of my new Chewy delivery.  I was not home when the FedEx man delivered it so I did not get to bark at him.  Next time for sure 🙂

Ok, so this time Mommy got me a toy.  Something about I have lots of treats blah blah something something.  I mean, can you ever have enough treats??  Silly Mommy.  It is called the Outward Hound Doggy Blocks.  This was a puzzle that was apparently going to keep me busy for a long time.  Um, they know I am a super smart pup so I was pretty sure I would master it right away.  Poppy set it up for me and put steak treats in the little box things.  There were 4 on top and then if I turned it there were more hiding spaces for more treats.  More treats=good day for Cocoa.  Mommy and Poppy had to stop me from chewing the plastic pieces but they watched me the whole time so I could not get in much trouble.  Want to see some pictures??  You know Mommy takes SO.MANY.PICTURES!!

IMG_0549 [30821]
Mommy!! It’s my Chewy delivery!!
IMG_0618 [176373]
I am not sure why I have to tear the box but I do!!
IMG_0582 [176368]
Gots to sniff it first!!
IMG_0598 [176370]
The treats are in the yellow box things!!
IMG_0604 [176371]
I like this treat thing!!
IMG_0605 [176372]
It spins and then you get more treats!!
So I really liked the Outward Hound toy from Chewy.  Mommy and Poppy said they wished it kept me busy longer but I am crazy.  Mommy and Poppy say that explains a lot.  Whatevah 🙂  It is a fun toy and if you are looking for a puzzle toy you should get one.  Go look at their web site and you can find lots of fun stuff.

#chewyrocks #cocoaiscrazy

Do you guys like puzzle toys??

Be Adventurous,

Cocoa and Julie

Sticks and running

Hey Friends!!  It has been a while.  We were out of town for a couple days and sometimes time goes SO fast.  I have missed you all and am excited to get back to blogging!!

It was cold today.  Like 42 degrees cold.  In May.  I am so ready for some hot sun and humidity, haha.  I would rather be hot than cold and so would Cocoa.  It is going to be 70 by the end of the week so yay 🙂

And we had an adventure at the puppy park.  So Cocoa comes pretty good when called if there is no one else to play with.  If there are other dogs to play with she suddenly has selective hearing.  And she selects not to hear us!!  We bought her a harness so it will be easier to get close and grab her but she is really quick and has some mad moves.  We were laughing so much because we start out trying to catch her about 10 minutes after we get to the park figuring it may take a good 45 minutes to actually catch her!!  But we do get a tired Bean so we can sit and watch hockey in peace.  Anyone watching hockey??  Who are you cheering for??

Trail runs mean we come home with sticks.  I do not think we have been on a trail run where we did not come home with a couple of sticks 🙂

IMG_0283 [15477]
This is a good stick Mommy!!
IMG_0285 [15478]
I gots it!!
IMG_0287 [15479]
Can we bring it to Poppy??
IMG_0300 [15480]
I loves my sticks!!
I have been thinking about how I can help animals and one of the things that has been on my heart is buying products that do not test on animals.  You know, lotions and toothpaste and household stuff.  Lots of products have the bunny sign on them so you know but sometimes I have to check PETA to see if they are listed as cruelty free.  Have you found any awesome products that are not tested on animals??  And on a somewhat related note, is anyone vegan??

Be Adventurous,

Julie and Cocoa

Party at the Vet

Hey Friends!!  What’s new with you all??  The sun is shining today and it feels awesome.  Funny how the sunshine can make you feel so good.  I got a new phone.  Yay!!  And it’s time for playoff hockey so that is fun.

Today Miss Bean had a vet appointment.  She is always excited to get there and has no fear.  But she is crazy.  I think I have mentioned this before, haha.  So it is always an adventure with this one.

IMG_0245 [195874]
Do I need this Mommy??
IMG_0242 [207398]
I thinks I need this tag thing!!
IMG_0264 [195869]
Pretty much
I took her for a run before we went and she did not eat when she came home so she was super hungry.  The vet gave her so.many.cookies!!  And he was so nice, getting on the floor and making sure she was ok with him before he gave her a shot.  He said he didn’t want her to be more upset than she had to be.  I always appreciate people realizing that our pups have feelings and need respect!!

Oh, meet Gregory.

IMG_0209 [165728]
Hey Gregory!!
And we were one of the first 25 to get our http://www.chewy.com/ box and we got a bonus!!

IMG_0355 [31961]
Blue Wilderness Wild Rolls!!

IMG_0369 [31964]
Yes please!!
IMG_0368 [31963]
Salmon and Chicken!!
These rolls are 100% grain free.  No chicken or poultry byproduct meals, no corn, wheat or soy and no artificial colors or flavors.  They can be used as a full meal, a topper or a treat.  I like to crumble some on top of Cocoa’s food and mix it around.  Cocoa is not the best eater to begin with so this really seems to get her excited.  I worry that she is going to expect it always though 🙂  I like how you can cut a serving size (they are labeled.  I think you can see in the first picture).  Cocoa has had them a couple times and they don’t bother her tummy.

Do your pups like the vet??

What do you have planned this weekend??

Be Adventurous,

Julie and Cocoa

Bean and the FedEx man

I think most of you know Cocoa is super protective of her house.  So when the FedEx man came to the house she sounded like she was going to destroy him!!  BUT I told her it was ok this time because he was bringing our very first Chewy box to review!!

Well, she didn’t listen (no surprise) and he tossed the box on the porch and practically ran back to his truck!!  #acrazydogliveshere

We chose the sojo’s Blueberry Cobbler treats and they did not disappoint.  I loved the ingredients.  Oat flour, rolled oats, blueberries, canola oil, vanilla, eggs and honey.  You all know Cocoa has a sensitive tummy so it is very important to us to make sure what we put in her little body is healthy.  They are the perfect size for training treats and they do not smell.  Why is this important??  Because I ALWAYS have treats and poop bags in my pockets 🙂  Life of a puppy Mommy!!

IMG_0128 [63655]
I gots it!!
IMG_0140 [63660]
My treats!!
IMG_0149 [63664]
Perfect size!!
I have been giving them to her every day for the last week and they do not bother her tummy at all.  And she loves them.  Cocoa has never been food driven but I think the blueberry is something she does not usually have so it helps her be excited about eating them.

What is your pup’s favorite treat??

What is your favorite 🙂

Be Adventurous,

Julie and Cocoa

We were not paid but we were sent the treats to try for our honest review.


Easter Bunny and the Weekend!!

Hi Friends!!  How are you??  So this was going to go up Monday but I am a little late.  Can my excuse be a sugar coma from Easter 🙂  I don’t eat a lot of sugary candies because they do not make me feel good but once in a while you have got to have some jelly beans.  Starburst are the best!!

My phone shattered a couple months ago but I thought I would be able to hold off on getting a new one since it still worked.  Yeah, I had to be careful I didn’t cut my finger every time I swiped it but, you know, I didn’t want to pay $ for a new one.  Well, the other day it decided the only thing I could do on it is text so it’s time to get a new one.  It is amazing how much I rely on my phone.  Yikes!!  And one thing I missed the most was being able to take a million pictures of Cocoa Bean 🙂

IMG_3751 [498025]
I is SO upset you can not bother me multiple times a day to take my picture.
She was not as mad about it as me.

So Cocoa has been a really good girl so the Easter Bunny came to visit.  We picked up these treats at our local PetSaver and she loved them!!

photo [704576]
Thank you Easter Bunny. I am glad I did not catch you in my house!!
It is getting closer to puppy park time.  We are so excited.  Cocoa to play with her buddies and us to have an exhausted Bean 🙂  The only thing that continues to be hard about the park is Cocoa will not come when called.  She is like a child around her friends and does not want to leave the fun.  We are thinking about bring meatballs or hotdogs but that might make us super popular among ALL the dogs, haha.

Cocoa was barking at the neighbors cat last night and she gets so mad.  The cat really taunts her and sometimes comes up on the porch or sits by the door.  Cocoa ran out to the kitchen and got a Pepsi bottle off the counter and started ripping it apart!!  It was like she needed to let out some of her frustration!!  So funny.

Here is another picture from the sweater incident.

IMG_3799 [344367]
Stupid parents
Saturday we were watching basketball and wanted to stay up for the last game.  Cocoa was tired and sleeping on the couch and we like to keep her awake so she will sleep good all night so we got off the couch to play.  She was not super into playing so I started throwing her toys near her.  This was the result 🙂

photo [695200]
It is bedtime Mommy!!
Favorite thing you did this weekend??

Be Adventurous,

Julie and Cocoa

March Madness

March Madness anyone??  We both filled out pools.  Rodney on knowledge and me on fun names, haha.  Like, I always pick Gonzaga because, cool name.  And I wanted to pick Yale but someone talked me out of it!!  I like watching the last few minutes of a close game and that is about all.  Of course then they keep calling time outs and I get bored, so, hockey is still the best sport!!

We are getting some cold weather here again this week and I lost my gloves.  So I will be wearing socks on my hands until it gets warm 🙂  I took Cocoa to Geneseo yesterday and this was our selfie.  She was pretty excited!!

IMG_3851 [498018]
I loves Geneseo!!
It is nice to bring her here because it’s a college town and there are always a lot of people walking.  We live more in the country and she does not get to see as many people on the trails and I want her to know how to behave herself.  You know, as good as Cocoa can, haha.  We bring bitty bones and learn to leave people alone as they walk by.

I think dogs know no one can resist the head tilt.  Right??  I mean, she can basically have anything she wants when she looks at me like this!!

IMG_3780 [323161]
I would like bitty bones and steak and an elk bone and tug toy!!
What is it about the love of a dog that is so special.  I can be full of anxiety and lay down next to Cocoa and all of a sudden I am more calm and relaxed.  I wish everyone knew the love of an animal.  Really loving and being loved by any animal is an amazing thing!!

And what post would be complete without a picture of sleeping Bean.

photo [310207]
It was a good day!!
Anyone a March Madness fan??

Tell me what your dog does that melts your heart!!

Be Adventurous,

Julie and Cocoa

Life Lately

Hello friends!!  Did everyone have a good weekend??  We went to a hockey game and it was so fun.  Hockey is my favorite sport to watch.  And Buffalo won on a last second goal by Jack Eichel so yay.  We got in two trail walks and Cocoa discovered she likes horse poop, haha.

Cocoa and I have been trail running like crazy.  It is so awesome.  I love running but trail running.  Even better!!  There is something special about being out on the trails.  It is quiet and beautiful.  The Genesee River runs by the trail and it is so peaceful.  We have been running 5 miles and it flies by so fast.  Well, the first 4 do, haha!!

I have so many pictures of Cocoa sleeping.  It seems to be the only time she is still and I can get a good picture!!

IMG_3292 [805039]
I is sleeping Mommy.  Shhhh.
This was after a 7 mile run.  We have not been going that far but it was a beautiful day and it makes me want to keep on running.  Of course there is that point in the run that I realize I have to make it all the way back, haha.  So yeah, we were both pretty tired.

IMG_3738 [299001]
Sweet Bean
Love this face.

FullSizeRender [122931]
Ready Mommy!!
Oh, Cocoa puked in my car on Tuesday.  We went to a neighboring town to walk because it was 70 degrees outside.  In March!!  We were on our way home and she would not settle down and all of a sudden I look over and she puked.  Luckily it was on the floor.  I ran in the store to get a Monster and her Bitty Bones were on the floor and little Bean ate them all!!  Not good for the tummy.  Did she learn her lesson.  I am guessing no 🙂

IMG_3734 [323168]
I puked in Mommy’s car after eating Bitty Bones.
We were getting Cocoa’s sweater on for a trail walk and she wanted nothing to do with it.  So we only got it over her head and she looked so cute we started laughing and I think she was hurt we were laughing.

IMG_3800 [344360]
This is not funny parents
This dog!!

Any exciting plans for the week??

What is your favorite thing to do in the warm weather??

Be Adventurous,

Julie and Cocoa

Stuff and Things

Monday!!  You know how everyone says FriYay.  How about MonYay.  Monday is exciting.  It is the start of a new week and hopefully we took some weekend naps and are ready for an awesome week!!  Attitude is everything 🙂

This has been around for a long time but it never fails to make me laugh.  Silly pups.

I think that is something that is so awesome about dogs.  They do not care if they look silly.  Sometimes I think they do it to make us laugh.

So it was 60 degrees Sunday.  Um, excuse me but I have no idea what is going on.  I am not complaining because I love summer but it is crazy.  And muddy.  It is very muddy.

This is Cletus.  Rodney names all Cocoa’s toys.  Cletus met an unfortunate end as most of Cocoa’s stuffed animals do.  I think that is his intestine??  He is now headless but I thought I would spare you that visual.  Your welcome 🙂

IMG_8901 [13803]
Hey Cletus
IMG_3177 [296564]
This is her favorite after run thing to do.  Do not stop to take a drink.  No food thank you.  Run straight inside and snuggle with a blanket.  And Rodney laughed at me when I told him I turn the heater on for her.  We have a little heater by the couch and I turn it on to help her warm up.

Cocoa is a really smart dog but this made me stop in my tracks.  We were walking up the road one day and she picked up a stick and kept wanting to play with me so I tugged on it a few times and then I threw it and she ran after it.  All on the leash of course because Miss Bean is not to be trusted.  But it was fun and I kept tossing it and she was running and getting it.  Then she got bored and dropped it.  We were walking the same route the next day and she picked up the same stick and was waving it in my face.  I kept walking but she kept jumping at me and looking at me so I finally said “what do you want”??  And she tossed the stick in the air and then ran to it!!  Like, “um, Mommy, I want to play toss like we did before”.  This dog!!

Okay friends, let’s make this an amazing week.

Tell me something crazy your pup did??

Is it warm where you live??

Be Adventurous,

Julie and Cocoa

Snow Day

So today I thought I would write some of the things that come into my brain.  I would not want to write all of them because you all would think I am crazy, lol!!

Have you ever thought the world has gone mad??  Sometimes I watch the news or think about things going on and think that people have gone mad.  When people are so angry and hurtful to each other it breaks my heart.  I mean, I am so far from perfect but consider myself a kind person but there are times I react in a way I should not.  And it is the little things like that that I do not want to get any bigger, you know.  Like when someone pulls in front of me when I am driving or cuts in front of me in line.  The little things can make me mad and instead of reacting with anger I want to make sure I react with kindness.  And I think being aware of it is really good.  I am sure it will not happen all the time because, well, I am human, but I want to put good vibes out in the world so I am going to be more conscious of it.

So when the world does not make sense think of things that do make sense.  Like puppies!!  Puppies always make sense!!

Puppy pictures make me smile!!

This is Cocoa waiting for her treat after a trail run.

IMG_3395 [108203]
Is that a donut in your hand??
Anyone reading any good books??  I love all things puppy but I do read other things, lol.  My favorite book of all time is The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.  I finished Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer recently and also love Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and Big Little Lies by.  I forgot.  The point is I like lots of different books and am open to suggestions.

We got our snow!!  This winter has been remarkably warm and snow free but today we had almost 2 feet in less than 24 hours!!  I shoveled 3 times in 8 hours and right now I am sitting on the couch eating sweet potato fries (Alexia sweet potato fries with salt and pepper.  So good).  Edited this morning.  So, even though I run with Cocoa shoveling is no joke.  I am so sore!!  And apparently I was tired because I was supposed to post this last night!!

Oh, and tell me if this is weird.  We got all that snow and I didn’t have to leave the house today but wanted to shovel so I could get out if I had to because what if something happened with Cocoa and I needed to get her to the vet.  Rodney laughed and said I was a good puppy Mommy.  That is totally normal, right??

This is the look I got this morning when I tried to get Cocoa out the door.

photo [99833]
Um. No.
After all this snow talk we need a summer picture.  This was Miss Cocoa this summer at Christopher Robbins.  Playing with her buddies and having fun!!

IMG_3263 [482823]
I loves water!!
Well friends, I hope you all have a wonderful week and have some fun adventures!!

Be Adventurous,

Julie and Cocoa

Trail running fun

Happy Monday friends!!  Who watched the Super Bowl??  I am not a big football fan but like the big games so we stayed up to watch.  The sheep commercial was my favorite.  And it was way past our bedtime so extra coffee this morning!!

Trail running fun!!  Some mornings I really do not want to get in the car to go to the trail.  But it makes this sweet girl so happy so it makes me happy and so to the trail it is!!  We went off into a field and found some tall grass and this is Cocoa’s favorite.

And this as soon as we got home.

IMG_3317 [805032]
Sweet girl!!
Thank you for all the sweet comments on my last post.  I know Daisy would want us to be on the trail and it is so much fun.  It is also easier on my body, lol.  One thing we are working on is her leash aggression.  I mean, I do not even know if that is the proper term for what she is doing.  We were on the trail the other day and a runner passed us and she went crazy.  She was barking and pulling and it is kind of scary because I of course do not want her to bite anyone.  I make sure to keep her at a good distance so everyone is safe but I would love any tips on how to teach her this is not acceptable behavior!!  I didn’t write about it because it happened over a year ago but Cocoa and I were attacked by 3 dogs while we were out running.  I covered her with my body and I got 4 bites on my leg and one on my hand and it was pretty traumatic so I wonder if that is part of what is going on with her.  She was not hurt but she was upset.  Whatever it was I want to make sure she and I have fun on our walks and runs so we will be working on this behavior.

Tell me something fun you did this weekend.

Any books or websites I should look at for training??

Be Adventurous.

Julie and Cocoa